antaresViz is the package to visualize the results of your Antares simulations that you have imported in the R session with package antaresRead. It provides some functions that generate interactive visualisations. Moreover, by default, these functions launch a shiny widget that provides some controls to dynamically choose what data is displayed in the graphics.

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You can install stable version from CRAN with:


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To display the help of the package and see all the functions it provides, use:


Basic plots

antaresViz provides a plot method for tables generated with antaresRead. This method is for visualizing a single variable in different formats (times series, barplot, monotone, distribution and cumulative distribution). For instance, the following code displays the distribution of marginal price in different areas.

mydata <- readAntares(areas = "all")
plot(mydata, variable = "MRG. PRICE")

For more information, run:



Function prodStack generates a production stack for a set of areas. Different stacks have been defined. One can see their definition with command productionStackAliases().

With function exchangesStack, one can visualize the evolution and origin/destination of imports and exports for a given area.


The construction of maps first requires to associate geographic coordinates to the areas of a study. antaresViz provides function mapLayout to do interactively this association.

# Get the coordinates of the areas as they have been placed in the antaresSoftware
layout <- readLayout()

# Associate geographical coordinates
myMapLayout <- mapLayout(layout)

# This mapping should be done once and the result be saved on disk.
save(myMapLayout, file = "myMapLayout.rda")

Then map can be generated with function plotMap:

myData <- readAntares(areas = "all", links = "all")
plotMap(myData, myMapLayout)

You can use spMaps to set a map background or download some files at


Contributions to the library are welcome and can be submitted in the form of pull requests to this repository.


Antares is a powerful software developed by RTE to simulate and study electric power systems (more information about Antares here :

ANTARES is now an open-source project (since 2018), you can download the sources here if you want to use this package.

License Information:

Copyright 2015-2016 RTE (France)

This Source Code is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any higher version. If a copy of the GPL-v2 was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at