XRJulia - An Interface from R to Julia

This package provides an interface from R to Julia, based on the XR structure, as implemented in the XR package, in this repository.

The interface is designed as a basis for computations in R that use functions, objects and classes in Julia. In particular, the design caters to programmers developing application packages. The XR structure encourages definition of proxy functions and classes in , which users of the package can treat essentially as they would in R, without special programming imposed by the interface.

The interface structure is described in the book Extending R (John M. Chambers, 2016, Chapman & Hall). A pdf version of the XRJulia chapter from the book is included with the documentation of this package. To open the pdf file from R:

RShowDoc("Chapter_XRJulia", package = "XRJulia")

Version 0.76 of the package has been updated to deal with back-incompatible changes in Julia (up to version 0.6).